20181016 Early morning horses

Horses standing in a field

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: I stayed up too late reading (The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair, and had to get up early to take Fiona to school, so: eh. I’m squeezing the book into almost every free moment today, and there’s an excellent chance I’ll be staying up late tonight to finish it.
  • Walk: yes, good, 1 hour of walking therapy around ‘t Twiske
  • Bass: no
  • Photography: took some shots on my way to my walk this morning, because the light was gorgeous and there was a slight haze lingering on the fields. It didn’t translate well onto the photos, though. The one above is heavily doctored to make it look interesting.
  • Snacks: a koffiebroodje in the morning, and wine gums and fudge at the cinema with Fiona. We went to see Venom, which was a fine and entertaining anti-hero romp.

I got a haircut this afternoon. My usual stylist, Ingrid, is back from maternity leave and we have a good natter and a very pleasant catch-up while she gave me an excellent trim.

Also: I tried the Oatly oat milk with some corn flakes, and it was just like eating them with cow milk (with an added slightly oaty flavour). Thumbs up!

20181015 Decorative Gourd Season

Some decorative gourds with a note saying, It's Decorative Gourd Season Motherfuckers! in fancy script

Apart from dropping Abi off at the airport, and Fiona at school, I didn’t get out of the house today. So today’s pictober photo is from my stash of emergency interior shot ideas.

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: ugh
  • Walk: nope
  • Bass: nope
  • Photography: not really
  • Snacks: finished the banana bread

I did finally get up the nerve to open and try the packet of Oatly oat milk I bought on Saturday. It’s actually good! And not in a “if I’m not going to drink milk, then is as close as I can get” sense (see: coconut milk), but in a “I would actually seek this out and drink it on its own terms” sense. It nails the mouthfeel of cow milk, and when drunk cold it tastes like whole milk that has been left to steep in a bowl of sugary oatmeal. I’ll try it in some cereal tomorrow.

65daysofstatic at Paradiso Noord, Sunday 14 October 2018

Black and white photo of 65daysofstatic performing their Decomposition Theory piece

Alex and I went to this, and we were both not quite sure what to make of it. The band’s idea behind the Decomposition Theory project is to fuse algorithmically generated music with a live performance (“custom-made procedural audio processes, generative music programs, and live-coded noise”). The first two tracks they played were promising, featuring heavy beats that moved the crowd, but after that it moved much more into…bleep-bloops and noise. Alex and I both came out of it quite confused. What parts were algorithmically generated, and what parts were being performed at the time? How much of the performance was algorthmically generated before the performance, as opposed to being randomly generated live on stage each night? How much of the music was a deliberately curated statement of human art, and how much did they let the machines get the better of them?

I enjoy experimental and generated music, but there was so much here that I didn’t appreciate because I didn’t understand it. Up on stage Paul Wolinski, Rob Jones, and Simon Wright (Joe Shrewsbury wasn’t present) were banging along on synths, guitars, and noise generators, and really getting into it. In the crowd, fans were swaying along to beats I couldn’t follow. I wish they had a booklet to go with the show, because I feel like I was missing something.

(So was the guy who kept shouting out “Radio Protector!” after the band finished each piece. I hope he hadn’t been expecting a “best of” concert.)

65daysofstatic Decomposition Theory setlist

20181014 NDSM

Three people sitting on the edge of the NDSM pier, with a submarine in the water in the background

Had Philip and Hilary round for pancakes in the afternoon, and in the evening Alex and I went to Tolhuistuin to see 65daysofstatic perform their new work, “Decomposition Theory”.

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: excellent
  • Walk: no, but I did cycle to NDSM and back
  • Photography: some nice pics at NDSM, and some at the 65dos gig
  • Bass: no
  • Snacks: banana bread

20181013 Autumn Colours

Bright red berries hanging on a tree, with leaves blurred in background

Drove to De Meern today to have a look at Velux windows. Afterwards, I went for a walk through the Mauritspark and Meentpark, where the magpies made fun of my futile attempts to photograph them. This evening Alex and I watched a bunch of episodes of Community (season 1).

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: medium. Woke up just after 04:00 and had trouble dozing off again
  • Walk: about 5km around the parks
  • Photography: leaves, berries, and lots of blurry birds
  • Bass: no
  • Snacks: banana bread

20181012 Kissing Couple XXXL

View from below of the Kissing Couple XXXL giant statue by artist Saske van der Eerden

This afternoon Abi and I drove to the Zaandam side of the Hembrug area, had a wee rummage at the second-hand shop, and took the ferry across the canal to take some pictures at the Kissing Couple XXXL statue. It went up last year, and I’ve wanted to see it up close for a while. Pictober was the perfect opportunity!

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: good, but interrupted a few times early in the night by having to pee. The only negative side effect of paroxetine for me seems to be bladder-related.
  • Walk: well, I got out of the house. Let’s say that counts.
  • Photography: yes
  • Bass: about to do some now.
  • Snacks: I made banana bread with some browning bananas from our fruit bowl. Then I ate some banana bread.

Sign describing the Kissing Couple XXXL artwork in the foreground, with the statue itself blurred in the background

Abi Sutherland close up black and white