It looks like B is starting to teethe. On Wednesday, we noticed a couple of small white spots on his upper gum, just where his incisors will be coming through. Apparently this is a sign that the teeth are trying to get out.

This is happening at the same time that we’re introducing solid foods into his diet. We gave him a taste of mushy banana a couple of weeks ago, but that bunged up his digestive system for 24 hours. And although he seemed to like the taste, it was quite an effort to keep everything in his mouth, and off his face.

Over the last few weeks, though, he has been feeding more and more frequently, and been getting more and more upset when he’s hungry. So since Thursday we’ve been feeding him banana again, and now he loves it! In fact, when we fed him this evening, he ate a whole banana (the second half mixed with a portion of baby rice), and was then still thirsty enough to take an entire breast’s worth of milk!

He must have been absolutely starving. Until this morning we had been feeding him small, careful bites, and giving him enough time to chew (or gum) it a bit before swallowing. This time, I had trouble keeping up with how quickly he wanted to eat. Each time I brought a heaped spoonful to his mouth, he would greedily suck it all in. By the time I was able to compose another spoonful, he had swallowed it all, and was getting upset that I wasn’t ladling it in fast enough. Wow!

We reckon he’s going to start putting on all the weight he’s been missing real soon now….