The Joy Formidable at Paradiso, Amsterdam, 13 February 2013

Small room upstairs at Paradiso – my very favourite venue. The Joy Formidable were just…formidable. They could have filled a venue ten times that size with the sound they made. I hadn’t noticed before just how insane many of their song outros are, and they thrashed them even further during the gig. Lovely AV/projection display going on in the background, too – a neon outline of a wolf’s head at the heart of it. Some great photos from their Paris gig the previous night on Will definitely get tickets to see them again any time they’re nearby.

  1. Cholla
  2. Austere
  3. This Ladder is Ours
  4. The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade
  5. Little Blimp
  6. While the Fles
  7. Cradle
  8. Tendons
  9. Silent Treatment
  10. Maw Maw Song
  11. I Don’t Want to See You Like This
  12. The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie


  1. Forest Serenade
  2. Wolf’s Law
  3. Whirring