20221031 Pictober close

Lots of pictures around the house, and with my phone. (Still on the iPhone X from 2017. My phone usage is pretty lightweight, and the X is still fine for all my everyday usage. The only thing that would make a big difference to me is the better cameras of the newer models. But that’s why I have the Fuji camera. So I’m going to go another year with the X.) Not many with my Fuji.

The difference between this year and Pictober in 2018 is that I wasn’t working that month, and was taking the time to get out and about. This year I’ve been at work full time, and we’ve had kitchen work going on… It’s been a stressful month. Perhaps that’s exactly why I should have been trying to get out more. But I’m tired, and I don’t want to load myself up with obligations to myself that I’ll feel bad about not meeting. Honestly, putting up a picture a day this month has felt like a bit of a chore. But I’m sure I’ll look back on it and appreciate the daily notes.

20221029 You wash your face in my sink

This is our kitchen sink for the next month. It works remarkably well.

  • Tap: Hornbach, €25
  • Connectors and attachments: Karwei, €16
  • Dinky footstool for mounting the tap on: Hornbach, €7
  • Plastic basin: Vrijbuiter, €3
  • Ikea Lack table (2nd-hand): Noppes Kringloopwinkel, €2.50
  • Funnel to make it easier to pour out the water from the basin: Hornbach, €2

The new concrete got poured on Friday, and was dry enough to walk on by Saturday. Knowing that we’d have a blank space for a kitchen for the rest of the month, Abi and I set out on a mini expedition to find some equipment to make the space more practical and liveable. We got everything for the improvised sink above, and also a decent table on which we can set up a portable stove and other cooking equipment. Abi built a frame with spare wood from the construction project and backed it with brown paper to act as a splash-back.

Once the tilers do their work (still not sure when that will be), we’ll move the table and other equipment into the empty space for the next several weeks. Not the finished product, of course, but it will give us a slightly greater sense of permanence and stability, and will allow us to reclaim the living room.

20221027 Angles

Came to the end of the day and found that I hadn’t taken any photos at all. Some of these Pictober posts have been made late, but at least they all used photos taken on the relevant day. Scrambling around for inspiration in a dark room at 23:00 with only an iPad…leads to experimenting with angles and framing.