20181030 Back on the plane gang

Selfie of Martin Sutherland in seat 2A on EasyJet flight 6924 from Amsterdam to Edinburgh

I’m in Edinburgh again, back at the Dorstan Guest House, my home away from home. Today was a day of errands, rushing about hither and thither, typing up loose ends before travelling. I’m free-ranging Edinburgh tomorrow, and then I’m back at work on Thursday. Fiona is flying over on Friday evening, and we’ll be staying the weekend at my parents (although Fiona will be spending most of it with her man).

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: not bad, but I’m still not convinced about this whole winter time change thing.
  • Walk: yes, around Schiphol and from Waverley to Newington.
  • Bass: a tiny bit before I left.
  • Photography: couple of selfies on the plane.
  • Snacks: Lion bar at Schiphol. Couple of biscuits here in the room.
  • Meat: no. Grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. In service of my grilled cheese addiction, I’ve discovered that there is a dedicated grilled cheese bar here in Edinburgh, just on the other side of the meadows: Meltmongers. It’s hard to get mature cheddar in the Netherlands, so the cheese blend I have settled on for my home-made grilled cheese sandwiches is mature Gouda (standard “oude kaas”) and an almost wholly artificial individually wrapped “cheddar cheese” slice. The oude kaas gives it a strong tang, and the artificial slice contributes a gooey melting texture. I’m looking forward to giving something different a try.