Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip at Paradiso, Amsterdam, 1 Apr 2010

Sweet little gig. Dan Le Sac’s big beats sounded awesome in the small Paradiso venue, and Pip’s rhymes carried more weight in person than they do on disc. Watching him perform Angles live, putting on different hats and glasses as he switches points of view in the song, added even more emotional weight to the song, and left the audience subdued… but not for long. The second part of the set built up to a huge finale that had the whole room jumping and getting “nice and sweaty.” The recorded version of Letter From God To Man has an enormous, spiky and angular outro, and Dan kept it spinning for a long time — just what the crowd wanted.

Set list:

  1. The Beat That My Heart Skipped (Angles)
  2. Sick Tonight (The Logic Of Chance)
  3. Magician’s Assistant (Angles)
  4. Look For The Woman (Angles)
  5. Stake A Claim (The Logic Of Chance)
  6. Angles (Angles)
  7. Last Train Home (The Logic Of Chance)
  8. Snob (The Logic Of Chance)
  9. Get Better (The Logic Of Chance)
  10. Thou Shalt Always Kill (Angles)
  11. Great Britain (The Logic Of Chance)
  12. Letter From God To Man (Angles)


  1. Back From Hell (Angles)