20181029 Landing

Composite of four consecutive frames of a crow landing

While I was taking pictures of the birds yesterday, I noticed that the magpies would come in to scoop up a couple of peanuts, and then fly off the the roof of our shed, where they’d pause for a few moments before heading on to wherever they keep their stash. So I thought I’d be clever and set up inside the shed, with our sun shade tarpaulin draped over the door to keep me concealed.

The magpies saw straight through this.

Instead of grabbing peanuts and taking off towards the shed, they dropped down from our neighbours’ roof, putting the branches of our pear tree between me and them. Then they walked behind the wooden planters and hopped into view just long enough to grab a peanut, and retreated back behind the planters. They didn’t take off in view of me at all. I’m convinced they knew exactly where I was, and they were gleefully mocking me.

The crows, of course, DGAF. They’re probably big enough to see off a fair-sized cat. So they just landed and stuffed their gullets. I saw one take off with two peanuts half-way down its crop, and another two wedged in its beak. I see who’s in charge here.

Late afternoon I drove to the spotters site next to the Polderbaan at Schiphol. I had hoped to get some good light around sunset, but it was just cloudy, indistinct, and cold. (At least I had wrapped up warm.) Also, I don’t have my tripod back yet. (Must call the camera shop.) I was able to manipulate a couple of shots to be somewhat okay if you squint a bit.

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: pretty good. Helped, I think, but not drinking any fluids to fill up my bladder too late in the evening. We’re into winter time, and I’m about to go back to work, so I need to be taking a lot more care with my sleep now.
  • Walk: a bit, while I was out plane spotting. After parking at the main site, I walked up the road parallel to the runway for a distance.
  • Photography: quite a bit!
  • Bass: not yet, but I’ve still got a bit of evening to go.
  • Snacks: surprisingly, no.
  • Meat: no. Beans on toast for dinner.

KLM plane taking off from the Polderbaan runway at Schiphol