Voice cloning

Dave Karpf on OpenAI’s latest Torment Nexus:

Cade Metz reported this Friday on OpenAI’s newest demo, Voice Engine. It can take a 15-second clip of you speaking and use it to recreate your voice. OpenAI isn’t making the product publicly available yet. They’re testing it to make sure its safe. And, in the meantime, they want everyone to know what a responsible and futuristic company they are.

It isn’t safe. Of course it isn’t. Are you fucking kidding me?!? The use cases here are (1) crime, (2) crime (3) CRIME, and (4) TBD.


The responsible way to release a product that can clone people’s voices based on a 15-second sound clip is to not create that product in the first place. You don’t need a ton of user-testing to figure out the obvious harms. Bad people will use this for bad ends! The bad will so heavily outweigh the good!