Fuck, it’s Christmas again

Advent calendar in Costco Walked through Costco this afternoon, and the Christmas decorations are already in the aisles. It’s still August. Hot damn.

Okay, so here’s the new rule: The only people who are allowed to buy me anything this Christmas are Alex and Fiona. That’s it.

It’s not that I don’t want anything–there are plenty of things I’d like to have. I just don’t want anything for Christmas. Not anything from my wishlist, not “just somethig small”, and not a charitable donation in my name. Just nothing. Please.

Alex starts school

From April 2001 to August 2006:

Alex at 1 day old Alex at school

Note the school uniform. Just for the record, I disapprove of them. Yes, they make children look cute, but cute in the Yorkshire-Terrier-in-a-paisley-waistcoat sense, i.e. just not right.

Britain has an obsession with uniforms, from kids at school to adults in business. I used to think there was a shadowy conspiracy of tailors who manipulated politicans and lobbied industry to maintain suit and tie as the standard dress code. How else to explain the fact most large institutions still require even their computer geeks, who rarely get to see daylight, let alone a customer, to still wear “business dress”?

Now, though, I’m coming round to the point of view that wearing a school uniform during your formative years somehow warps your mind. You may start to feel uncomfortable when you’re out of uniform, so you join a company where everyone wears suits. Or more insidiously, you may start buying into the myth that wearing school uniform promotes a sense of common identity, and puts both rich and poor on a level playing field. And you decide to take that idea forward into the workplace.

To this I say, “thpppt.” When was the last time you were around a set of school kids? If you really think that wearing a uniform is going to stop them from forming cliques and ganging up on others, you need to get your doctor to adjust your medication. Likewise, if you think that wearing a jacket and tie in the workplace presents a more professional face to your customers, you need to hire some better-informed consultants. Providing a good service is what makes your customers happy.

Anyway, that’s my rant. Here are some more photos of Alex dressed up as a junior bank clerk.

Alex in a tie Alex being a goof

Update: If you’re looking for the actual details of Alex’s first day at school Abi has them over here.