7 Hours!

7 Hours!

That’s how long B slept for last night, from just before 23:00 until just before 06:00.

He started sleeping for longer periods at night a few weeks ago, just before Susan came over on holiday. At first it was a five hour stretch once, then the five hour stretches happened more regularly. While Susan was here, he started doing six hour stretches (which were just so luxurious!)

These last few days we’d noticed that he was starting to get very sleepy around mid-evening. He’d fall asleep quite soundly for well over an hour, and only wake up when we roused him to feed. So we figured that we’d start to put him to be a little bit earlier and see if he still slept all the way through…. The experiment was successful last night–we’ll see soon enough if it’s repeatable.

He’s also turning into a cheerful wee chap, except when he’s hungry or tired or in pain. The colic seemed to reduce significantly at the same time we started using Infacol as a remedy, but at nearly three months he should be growing out of that stage anyway. So maybe it was a coincidence, maybe not. Either way, he’s happy, and he’s cute as a button.

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