20181027 All my ducks in a row

Four ducks all leaning down to the ground and trying to eat one thing

Quiet day. Read, walked, cooked. Disabled the email forwarding that copied Abi and me in on Fiona’s email. We disabled Alex’s when he turned 13, but Fiona was in a bit of a different state when she hit that same age. She’s back on top of life again now, though. She can fly solo now.

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: good.
  • Walk: yes, a roundabout route into and back from the village centre, picking up errands on the way.
  • Bass: no.
  • Photography: ducks! They crowded around me and quacked adorably on my walk. One of my errands was to go to HEMA to pick up some poster-sized prints of some of my favourite photos from Pictober. On nice glossy paper, at 30×30 and 30×45 size, they came out beautifully.
  • Snacks: banana bread, chocolate kruidnoten
  • Meat: no. I cooked roast potatoes and grilled steaks and roast potatoes for Abi and Alex for dinner, but I made charred mixed peppers for myself.

Five ducks, one of them looking at the camera with its head slightly cocked