20181011 Selfie

Close-up of Martin Sutherland with bass guitar in background

A quiet day. I bought a GorillaPod flexible tripod last week. I used it a bit yesterday evening while I was taking pictures at Zaanse Schans, but I discovered that one of the ball joints was floppy. Depending on the angle, it didn’t have enough resistance to hold the camera in position. When I got it home I noticed that there was a tiny crack in the housing for that joint. So this morning after dropping Fiona off at school, I dropped the GorillaPod at the camera store where I’d bought it for a warranty repair. Having a good camera store so close to Fiona’s school is convenient, but may prove a source of awful temptation.

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: surprisingly good. I had been fretting about certain things as I lay down to go to sleep last night, and I’m surprised my mind was able to let go of the worries and drop off so quickly.
  • Walk: no
  • Photography: I spent a bunch of time selecting and editing the photos from the Emma Blackery concert the other night. I’m pleased with how they came out! I didn’t spend much time on new daily Pictober shots. Just a few selfies.
  • Bass: yes, playing roots on some basic chords
  • Snacks: Finished the bag of kruidnoten.