20181012 Kissing Couple XXXL

View from below of the Kissing Couple XXXL giant statue by artist Saske van der Eerden

This afternoon Abi and I drove to the Zaandam side of the Hembrug area, had a wee rummage at the second-hand shop, and took the ferry across the canal to take some pictures at the Kissing Couple XXXL statue. It went up last year, and I’ve wanted to see it up close for a while. Pictober was the perfect opportunity!

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: good, but interrupted a few times early in the night by having to pee. The only negative side effect of paroxetine for me seems to be bladder-related.
  • Walk: well, I got out of the house. Let’s say that counts.
  • Photography: yes
  • Bass: about to do some now.
  • Snacks: I made banana bread with some browning bananas from our fruit bowl. Then I ate some banana bread.

Sign describing the Kissing Couple XXXL artwork in the foreground, with the statue itself blurred in the background

Abi Sutherland close up black and white