20181010 Sunset Funset at Zaanse Schans

View of the Zaan river at sunset, with a small jetty in the foreground

So the guy who sold me the Panasonic FZ1000 camera threw in some filters with the purchase. From chatting to Dave last weekend I knew more about neutral density (ND) filters, but there was also a purple “FLD” filter in the case. My dude had told me that it produces great effects when shooting into the light at sunset. Realizing that I hadn’t taken a walk or any pictures today, I took a short drive up to Zaanse Schans after dinner. Dave has Dunottar Castle on his doorstep; we’ve got windmills.

Sure enough, the shots with the FLD filter looked really promising on the LCD screen in the field, and rather striking when I pulled them up on my big monitor at home. But shooting into the light at sunset isn’t quite what they’re intended for. I did my research after the fact, and discovered that they have a characteristic purple colour because they filter out a specific greenish cast produced by fluorescent lights (FL). But I guess this off-label use is nice, too.

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: okay, but short because Fiona and I were out at a concert yesterday evening and got back late.
  • Walk: a few kilometers around Zaanse Schans
  • Photography: see above
  • Bass: no. Must do better.
  • Snacks: Kruid. Noten. So many kruidnoten. Must do better.

Zaan river at Zaanse Schans. Windmills in the background, and people on a jetty in the foreground.

Zaan rover at near-dark. Setting crescent moon in the background across the river. Three people silhouetted on a bench in the foreground.


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