Emma Blackery at Sugar Factory, Tuesday 9 October 2018

Emma Blackery

Fiona likes Emma Blackery, and had a VIP meet-and-greet ticket for this gig. (She had met her once before, during a signing session at Vidcon last year.) The VIP session started at 18:00, so we got there early, and Fiona went in while I hopped over to the Apple Store. When they let me in at 19:00 with the rest of the ordinary ticket-holders, Fiona was up near the front of the stage chatting and laughing with a group of other fans, and decked out in as much merch as she could afford with the money I had given her. She was in her element.

The Sugar Factory is a small venue, and anywhere was going to be close to the stage. I staked out a spot near the far side of the room, on a slightly raised step next to the unoccupied DJ stand. This gave me a high enough view to see over the heads of any tall Dutch folk, and get some great pictures with my new camera. There was enough space for Fiona to sit up on the table when she found herself tired of standing after Lilly Ahlberg’s opening set.

Set list:

  1. Villains Part 1
  2. Dirt
  3. Third Eye
  4. Let Me Be
  5. Agenda
  6. Fake Friends
  7. Icarus
  8. Petty
  9. Sucks To Be You
  10. Telegram Undercover Lover
  11. What I Felt With You
  12. Lies
  13. Human Behaviour
  14. Take Me Out


  1. Burn The Witch
  2. Villains Part 2
Lilly Ahlberg
Lilly Ahlberg

Emma Blackery and band

Emma Blackery

Emma Blackery and band
Emma Blackery and band, including Sir Jony Ive on guitar.