20181009 Heron

Close-up of a heron watching the water near the Hempont

I got rid of another “bookcase” from my study today. “Bookcase” in quotation marks, because it had been storing stationery, files, and assorted office debris rather than books. The beautiful chair I bought a couple of months ago I ended up moving downstairs into the library corner of the living room, because the study was feeling too crowded with it in place. I’m trying to find the right balance between more space (which is nice) and really nice stuff (which is also nice).

I took the new camera with me on my trip to drop off another load of stuff at the Kringloopwinkel. I had though to take some pictures of the Kissing Couple XXXL statue from across the water, but they were too far away, and the air was too hazy. But just as I was about to turn back to the car. I noticed that I had been standing just five meters away from a perfectly still heron. It was intent on watching the water, and it let me get a little closer to take some shots of it instead.

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: excellent. Fiona’s school had an inset day, and I was able to sleep late to 09:30.
  • Bass: no
  • Walk: yes, about 2km in bits and pieces on the way to the Sugar Factory with Fiona to see an Emma Blackery gig
  • Photography: heron, and lots of pics at the gig, most of which are underexposed and out of focus. Some of them have great potential, though, but I need some more time to select the best and clean them up.
  • Snacks: kruidnoten again