The travelling developer problem

I’ve been trying to figure out my travel schedule for the last quarter of this year. I need to spend another 16 working days in Scotland, so probably four trips of three days, and one of four. I try to arrange my trips to coincide with Abi’s part-time days off. But I’ve also got tickets for eight concerts between October to December, and I need to plan around those dates. And I want to spend more time in the Glasgow office, but Easyjet only fly between Amsterdam and Glasgow on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

As if these constraints weren’t enough, Deacon Blue are playing some dates around Scotland in November and December. Most of the easy options (Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Perth) have long sold out, but there is still some availability for Dundee and Aberdeen… Was there any way to squeeze them in? Turns out yes. I can actually save €40 by flying to Edinburgh on Saturday 3rd December instead of on Sunday 4th December, and put the money towards the concert ticket and a super-cheap advance train return to Aberdeen. Done deal!

I’ve been a fan of Deacon Blue since Raintown in the eighties. OK, so Aberdeen is a bit out of the way for me, but I’m super excited to finally get to see them live. And not just for the nostalgia value. I loved their last album, A New House, and their next one, Believers, is out next week.