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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Kev tagged me with the “5 things you don’t know about me” meme last week. I considered doing an “Amazing…But False!” selection (as the set of things that people don’t know about me encompasses more than just true facts), but I eventually decided on a David Cronenberg body horror version.

1. My thumb bends back at an abnormally large angle

My thumb bends back too far

I used to think that everyone’s thumbs did this. Apparently they don’t.

2. I can make freaky zombie hands by bending just the top joints of my fingers

Freaky zombie fingers

Many people find the sight of this to be the visual equivalent of nails scratching down a blackboard.

3. I can manipulate my eyebrows to an unusual extent.

I can do left and right independently, and an extreme innner raise. This is not too uncommon, but can you raise the outer edges of both eyebrows together? I can.

Raising both eyebrows at the outer edges

(Note: eyebrows + sneer = rather sinister!)

4. I can turn my left and right eyeballs inwards independently.

Left eye looking inwards Right eye looking inwards

Last year Liza showed me a trick for making the eyeballs look outwards rather than inwards, but I haven’t put in the necessary practice to pull this off yet. (What, you think maybe this kind of thing comes naturally?)

5. I can do a respectable impression of a Cardassian without any make-up or prosthetics.

Cardassian neck

Okay, that’s enough flesh for the moment. Out of spite, I shall now tag:

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A glimpse of iTunes

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I wonder what kind of music Martin has been listening to lately?”

Well, if you have, now you can find out with a glimpse into my iTunes library. Updated hourly…ish.

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Favourite TV series

Sara’s comment on my Farscape entry the other day set me thinking. Does Farscape feature in my top 5 all time television series? What are my top 5 (or 10)? I’ve produced lists of my favourite films, albums, and videogames, but top TV shows is not a list I’ve ever given much thought to. (Some day I’ll need to put together a list of my favourite books, too, but that’s going to be really difficult.)

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Favourite Games

I’ve been meaning to add some more stuff to the “about me” section for a while now. Inspired by our visit to the Game On exhibition this morning, I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite computer and video games.

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Favourite Films

I’m going to draw a distinction here between films that I enjoy watching, and films that I think are “good” in some kind of objective sense. To take an extreme example, I think The Blair Witch Project is a unique, original, and extremely clever film, but I have no intention of ever seeing it again. (The final scene haunted me for months.)

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