Server management

Exciting highlights from this last week:

  • I finished consolidating all of the domain names I manage at a single registrar, Their admin tools are simple but powerful, and their interface isn’t constantly trying to upsell me to products I don’t need.
  • I finished consolidating all these domains and sites on a pair of VPS instances at Linode in their London data centre. I’ve run on shared hosting at for the last ten years or so, and they have been consistently excellent. However, I’m running more than just PHP and static HTML these days, and the extra flexibility of a VPS is welcome.
  • now runs over HTTPS instead of HTTP. I’m using as my certificate provider as well, just to keep things simple. They don’t issue SHA2 certificates yet, but their latest newsletter says they will soon. I’ll upgrade when they arrive, and sort out forward secrecy at that point as well. Probably.

Okay, so not really exciting. But it’s all been on my todo list for, like, ever, and I’m glad to get it all nice and tidy. Server gardening.