20181025 Zuiderlaaik

View back along the Zuiderlaaik from Twiske to Oostzaan. Bare road in foreground, blurred electricity pylons in background.

Abi is back from Berlin, and Alex had an orientation session at his new job. I moved some admin tasks along, and made falafel for dinner.

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: good, but not quite long enough. Earlier to bed tonight.
  • Walk: eh, out to the pharmacy and back, to request a new prescription. No more than 20 minutes.
  • Bass: yes, practicing scales
  • Photography: minimal, but the view above came out okay
  • Snacks: koffiebroodje, and a chocolate muffin that Alex deemed overbaked.
  • Meat: no. Store-bought falafel for protein, yum.