20181024 Stop taking pictures dad

Fiona lying on the couch in her owl Kigu, giving me the finger

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Sleep: pretty good, for the first time in quite a few days. Although I didn’t get go to sleep until after 01:00, I slept all the way through until 07:30, and then was able to fall back asleep again after that. I think my sinuses have finally dried up after their snot party.
  • Walk: no. Had a quiet day around the house, tidying, archiving, cleaning, and challenging some negative automatic thoughts around tasks I’ve been putting off.
  • Bass: no.
  • Photography: accidentally snapped some nice pics of Fiona in the evening.
  • Snacks: smoked almonds and banana bread. Felt enormous protein cravings just before dinner time, while Alex and I were out at Ikea. Dinner was an informal affair, and I made myself a giant pile of scrambled eggs.
  • Meat: no