Up the A’DAM Toren

At the end of August I posted a video of Abi and me on the swing on the A’DAM Toren Lookout deck. Here are some more images from that day (26th August). It was a lovely day, just after a major heatwave. We were just back from California, and mum & dad were taking a couple of days with us after driving up from France. None of us had much energy for a big sightseeing trip, and we figured that catching the view from the tower would be enough activity for the day.

First of all, at the base of the tower, there’s an iron throne of guitars:

Abi on the iron throne of guitars at Adam Toren

The elevator up to the 20th floor is itself quite an experience. It has a glass ceiling, and the elevator shaft is a light show of strobing and shifting colours for the thirty seconds or so it takes to reach the twentieth floor. It’s quite impressive, but also vertigo-inducing. When you exit the main elevator, you still have to get up another floor to the lookout deck. We got lost trying to find another elevator to take us up, but we made it there eventually. (They still need to work on their accessibility.)

The views from the lookout deck are fantastic. There are beanbags for sitting down and catching some sun (I assume they’ll be anchored on windy days), and of course there is the swing.

After we’d been on the swing, we went back down a floor to have a coffee in the Madam panorama bar. It was lovely during the day; I’m sure it would be spectacular at night. There’s also a disconcerting glass window in the floor that allows you to see straight down the side of the tower.

Looking down
Looking down

Here’s the view from below, showing both that window in the floor, and the swing.

Looking up
Looking up

If you’re OK with heights, it’s well worth a visit.