Alan emailed me yesterday pointing out the news that Gord Downie, lead singer of The Tragically Hip, has terminal brain cancer. I’m surprised by how upset I’m feeling about this, but maybe I shouldn’t be. I’ve loved The Hip since Alan got me hooked on them ten years ago. I’ve been to see them live three times, twice at Paradiso in Amsterdam, once at The Garage in Glasgow. Going by my last.fm statistics, they are far and away the band I listen to most. I love their music, and I love their performances. They have soaked into my life, and I already feel their loss strongly. I hope Gord and his family and friends find joy and contentment in the time they still have together.

Obviously I’ve been listening to The Hip non-stop all day. They have a new album out in a few weeks, and they will be doing one last short tour of Canada in the summer. I’m in two minds about trying to buy a ticket. I would love to see them one last time, but I also think I’d be an emotional wreck at the end of a concert.