De La Soul at Tivoli Vredenburg, Tuesday 11 August 2015

After having seen a recording of their amazing set at Glastonbury last year, I suppose I went into this gig with my expectations set too high. It was good but not great. They certainly know how to work a crowd, but by the end I was bored of being told to put my hands up, and affirming that the party was indeed over here. They have a new (Kickstarted) album coming out soon, but they didn’t showcase any new material from it, preferring to stay with the old favourites. Also no merch, which gave me frowny face.

It was my first time at Tivoli Vredenburg (Ronda auditorium, 2000 person capacity; it wasn’t sold out). It seemed like a decent venue, although rather clean and clinical. It doesn’t have much texture and personality yet.

Support from Dutch rapper Digitzz, who was pretty good.