More London

Tuesday after MineCon we wandered around London a bit on our own. We visited the Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Street, which I found notable for a) being expensive (£50 for the four of us, for a tiny exhibit you breeze through in about half an hour) and b) unintentionally creepy wax figures. The house/museum seems to have two overlapping goals: it is furnished in late 1800s style, to give you an impression of what 221b Baker Street would have been like back then; and you are surrounded by waxwork characters posed in scenes from of Shelock Holmes’ adventures, to give you an impression of…being in the stories? I don’t know. It was a curious shrine, and it seemed to delight in blurring the lines between history and fiction.

Teenagers come with a built-in look of suspicious disdain

We had a late lunch at Pizza Express (is a gluten-free pizza better than no pizza at all? I’m starting to doubt), and wandered to Regent’s Park where we saw some black swans.

Alex and I went back to the hotel, while Abi and Fiona went bra shopping at M&S.