No Pornographers

A few months ago I booked a ticket for the New Pornographers at Melkweg this evening, but I’m not going to go. I don’t like wasting an opportunity to see a band I like, but:

  • I’m tired and not feeling great. In fact, the whole household is under the weather. Alex is worst off, but we’re all having a pyjama day.
  • I don’t particularly like their new album.
  • Dan Bejar is on the European leg of the tour, but Neko Case isn’t.
  • The last time I saw them live was pretty mediocre.
  • It’s cold, dark, and really wet.

I always find live music uplifting and invigorating, so that is an argument in favour of going out. Staying in and moping around instead of going out and indulging my passions is a depression warnings sign…but I’m not feeling depressed, and I’m not just avoiding doing things I enjoy. Yesterday evening we had a home cinema double bill of The Terminator and Shaun of the Dead, and I quite fancy watching Terminator 2 as a follow-up this evening. Either that or getting started on Assassin’s Creed: Unity or settling in for an evening of space trucking in Elite.

It’s not just a matter of staying home and conserving spoons: there are a bunch of other fun, positive things that I actively want to be doing more this evening.