Art of the Brick

Fiona and I went to see the Art of the Brick exhibition at Amsterdan Expo last Sunday. It’s the collection of LEGO art works by Nathan Sawaya. The pieces on display are a mixed bag. Some are genuinely notable, such as the headline “Yellow” (the yellow torso ripping open his own chest), while others are interesting only because they are made with LEGO. There’s a lot of inane and whimsical filler, too, but what the exhibition does really well is inspire. This is Sawaya’s stated goal: art was a creative outlet for him while he was working in a job that didn’t fulfil him. He wants to show every visitor that it doesn’t take expensive materials to make something beautiful or clever or fun. Anyone can do it, which is a great message.

Nathan Sawaya - The Winged Victory of Samothrace
Look! It’s the Winged Victory of Samothrace!
Nathan Sawaya - Gray
Nathan Sawaya – Gray
Nathan Sawaya - My Boy
Nathan Sawaya – My Boy
Fiona and blue guy