Parking ticket

Just got my first ever parking ticket. The parking spaces at Dirk in the centre of the village got turned into a blue zone a few years ago, and although I often set my parking disc, I don’t always remember to do so. Especially if I’m just nipping in for a couple of items. The disc was sitting behind the windscreen, as it always does. I could have got lucky if it had accidentally still been set to a valid time from the last occasion I used it, but no. In the shop for less than ten minutes, feeling slightly virtuous from having bought the latest Z! homeless paper from the vendor at the door, step out onto the street and there’s the parking warden just popping the ticket under the windscreen wiper. €90. Bah.


One Reply to “Parking ticket”

  1. Well, bah. That must have been a downer.

    I’m sure they’ll spend the money on something worthwhile, though. Trees, maybe, or getting a cop to sit by the school giving double-parking parents the stinkeye so the cyclists have a fighting chance…

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