Things that annoy me

A short list of irrational dislikes. Likely to be first in a series.

FF Dax FF Dax.
Just a couple of years ago, Dax felt fresh and interesting. But now it’s ubiquitous (at least here in the UK), I find almost every new instance of it, from McDonalds car parks to cheap toilet paper, simply grating.
People who start talking on their mobile phones on as soon as the airplane has landed. Or who get up to grab their bags from the overhead cabinets before the seatbelt sign has been turned off.
These are the ones who will be scrambling the wrong way down the aisle to the exit in the event of a crash, trampling children and old ladies to get there, yet too panicked to be able to open the door once they get there. I fear for my own safety in an emergency because of these people. Fortunately, they’ll all die if we land on water, because they won’t know how to inflate their life jackets.
Flight crew who don’t do anything about the above.
You’re not helping.
People who start eating their food in the supermarket before paying for it
It’s not yours yet.
The phrase “just a thought”
Because it never is “just a thought”, is it? What you’re actually thinking is “You’re a muppet for doing it that way, and I know better, but I’m trying to mask my obvious superiority by pretending to be humble about it.”
Cap'n Jack Sparrah Trilogies where first part stands alone, but where the second part doesn’t; usually because the second episode is so poor that without a tense cliffhanger ending you’d have no reason to go and see the final part.
I’m looking at you, Pirates of the Caribbean.

4 Replies to “Things that annoy me”

  1. That is my next feature Martin, I expect to see you over there discussing it!

    I just reviewed Pirates, and if they’d cut out the unnecessary clutter of the redundant plot lines from the third and added it to the two-act second film, they’d have had one film worthy of the first title.

    It bugs me about people who start leaping around the plane as soon as the plane stops moving. Still, we have the last laugh as they stand for ages trying to get out. I take great delight in sitting there until there’s some space to move, usually when there’s only a few people left on the plane.

    Zed took great delight in doing this the other day, even with one of these women tutting and sighing next to her who couldn’t get out until she stood up!

  2. Every now and then, I wonder if I’ve actually spent the last 13+ years with you, or with someone who just looks like you, but is as a matter of fact completely different between the ears.

  3. Supermarket pancakes are designed for children to eat while going round a supermarket – the only panic being whether the switch card will work at the end – in which case ownership of the pancakes would suddenly become an embarrassing situation …

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