Amusing text ads, part 1

Work for the CIA

(Found at the foot of an article on Hey, even the CIA has internal publications, internal web apps, etc. that need designed properly. I just find it amusing that they’re advertising for them via text ads.)

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  1. Ah, what strange things hath been wrought by those craaazy text-ads, especially when they turn up at portal potties. Here’s one I thought was a bit of a hoot.

    Looks like they’ve gone into the illegal street drug business?

    Related Trivia: Is it just me or is it fucking strange how so often these things say “Goooooooooogle Ad Sense”? What’s with all the o’s?

    Nice blog btw and great [unnamed other site you do] which I just discovered and link to which is now in my browser’s ‘Access All The Damn Time’ linkbar zone. Kudos and all that happy horsepiddle.

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