To make your GBA perfect

I know it’s not particularly big or clever to make fun of foreign products trying to market themselves in English…but sometimes it can be just a teensy bit amusing. Take, for example, this GBA Movie Player adapter I’ve just bought, on a tip-off from WillC2 in a recent comment:

Scan of the box for the GBA Movie Player

  • “A good and cool device for your GBA” Excellent. I’d hate to buy a product that wasn’t cool. I might look like a dork.
  • “It must work with CF card” I can just see the product designers looking anxious, crossing their fingers, and wishing with all their hearts: “It must work with CF cards, it must!
  • “To listen to the music” Aha. Fans for the Doobie Brothers, I see.

And on the back of the box, they decided that politeness was definitely the way to go for their basic instructions:

GBA Movie Player instructions

For all that, I have to say it’s a rather nifty little product.