Ratchet & Clank 3

Sense of humour? Check

Old save games (in case there are bonuses to be had, like in R&C 2)? Check

Honey-roast pueanut & cashew-flavoured nanotech upgrades? Check

Fully charged beerinator? Check

Qwarktastic. Go, go, go!

6 Replies to “Ratchet & Clank 3”

  1. Mine arrived last Friday morning. By Thurs morning:

    37 out of 40 platinum bolts
    All but one weapon upgraded to max (for non-challenge mode)
    About 25 of 30 skill points
    Completed the game (first play through)
    Now on challenge mode and last bolts and skill points (those pesky vid comics!).

    Racked up 25-30 hours of play. Scary stuff.

    Have fun with it.


  2. Hmph. I finished it on Wednesday night, though with fewer of the titanium bolts, weapons upgrades and skill points than you, Jules. Nearly rang you up to boast, but figured you’d be in bed (silly me).

    Really enjoyed it. Classic R&C stuff, from the ducks to the Clank levels with the little robots. The vid comics were a good addition to the tradition – I particularly liked the one with the amoeboids, but the rising-acid-level one drove me nuts. I wish the titanium bolts did more than just unlock skins, though.

    I did occasionally feel that they were making levels difficult by attrition (withholding save points) rather than by actual challenges.

    Looking forward to replaying on challenge mode, and to watching Martin (who hardly managed to get a wrench-blow in with me playing it). His solutions to a lot of the problems will be different then mine – bolder, more elegant, better-aimed.

  3. on christmas day, i opened this game and played it. better than the other two…..scrap that-BRILLIANT. i loved the first two, but they only had 18 levels. pity, they could have been longer. this is the best game i have seen so far. good job insomniac!

  4. hi i jusr got on to chaleenge mode today does anyone know what it means where i get bolts and it says times 4 or any other number and it does not times the bolts by four please may someone reply i am desperate

  5. do you want some cheats?here u go.
    pause and press, circle, sqaure, circle, sqaure, up, down, left, left. u get adouble bladed laser. it is also the unknown cheat.
    when choosing a qaurk vid-comic comic press square, and then type in MEGHAN. then u can play a ninja v pirate.
    quark in black/tutu.
    during the game press up, up, down, down, left right, circle square sqaure

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