Atkins and kilts

Despite having sworn never to do Atkins ever again after last year’s experience, I find myself on a low carb diet once more.

It’s not just that I’m overweight (although I am back up at 77kg again)–it’s that I’ve got my cousin Cameron’s wedding to go to in just under a fortnight’s time, and I discovered on Monday evening that I don’t fit into my kilt any more. It may be a recipe for misery, but I don’t know of any other way to lose 5kg in two weeks.

I started the diet on Monday, and the bread cravings haven’t kicked in yet. I had a pretty strong urge for bananas this afternoon, though. Maybe I’m more mentally prepared for the torture of bread-free living this time round…but don’t count on it.

So anyway, if I seem a bit grumpier than usual over the next couple of weeks…now you know why.

3 Replies to “Atkins and kilts”

  1. Don’t do it! Have you seen the new low carb diet…that’s low carb, not no carbs. It’s based on that ancient and most amazing philosophy of everything in moderation.

    Seriously, there is a new one out there and it’s being hailed as safer than Atkins. Just can’t remember it!

    Still…chicken wings on Saturday!

  2. Have to say Martin, excellent work at the Games Day. You managed to avoid the pizza, the home made garlic bread and the potato wedges! Luckily you made tons of chicken wings!

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