Standard Life Bank…but only during office hours

Standard Life Bank’s internet banking service is useless. “Banking online gives you the flexibility to manage your account when it suits you,” they say. Well, that would often be on Saturday or Sunday evenings. Or sometimes very late on a weekday evening. Perhaps after 11pm.

Whoa there, boy! Did we say when it suits you? Whoops, we meant to say when it suits us. Sorry for the typo!

Standard Life Bank's internet site is only open during office hours

I mean, really, folks. What’s up with that? Are their servers unionized? Did they threaten walkouts if they had to be switched on 24/7? Do they all pull out their network cables at the end of the day and go home for the night?

Or maybe all of Standard Life Bank’s internet transactions get handled manually behind the scenes? Maybe there’s an army of call centre workers trained to take incoming web page requests, scribble them down on paper, and pass them along to their colleagues who work some abacus magic before approving a money transfer request. Maxwell’s Demon, eat your heart out.

Oh, and their phone banking is even worse. Not open on Sundays at all.

Welcome to the 21st century!