Multiple monitors with MaxiVista

I don’t remember who first mentioned MaxiVista to me, but whoever it was: thanks. I’ve just downloaded the trial version, and it has proved to rock. I’ve never worked with multiple monitors before, but I can see myself getting used to this rather quickly. Even over an 802.11g connection, the performance is just fine.

(Testimonials and further explanations of exactly what MaxiVista does from Scott Hanselman and Ryan Farley.)

The only problem I’ve found with it so far is that when Firefox (0.9.1) is running on the second monitor, it still displays all its menus on the primary monitor. How odd.

One Reply to “Multiple monitors with MaxiVista”

  1. This happens on ‘real’ dual monitor systems as well. Programs do not necessarily handle multiple monitors correctly and it’s not MaxiVista’s fault.

    I also tried and LOVE it! It is a pretty nifty tool.


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