If I hadn’t just gone through the hassle of changing web hosts at the back end of last year, TextDrive are the folk I would be signing up with right about now. (Via Brad Choate.) I’m extremely happy with pair.com, but TextDrive’s hosting packages are fine-tuned for personal publishing, and blogs in particular.

Incidentally, I’m now also on the lookout for some Windows/.NET web hosting. I don’t suppose anyone has any recommendations?

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  1. Martin, my blog is hosted (for free) at: http://europe.webmatrixhosting.net

    Only thing is: apparently the accounts are for 30 days, but I don’t know anyone who has been kicked off.

    Your are not admin of your site. You can only have 1 web app, and 1 DB. You don’t own the DB, so you can’t do some limited things – the worst of which is run a backup job on your DB.


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