Farscape, season 1

farscape season 1 on DVDMmm, look what the Amazon Fairy brought me yesterday….

Abi’s not mad keen on Farscape, but I like it. I’ve seen most of the first series, a lot of the second, but practically none of seasons 3 and 4. The Sci-Fi channel is still running repeats, but we’ve got completely out of the habit of watching TV for specific shows. If we have the TV on, it’s either tuned to CBeebies, or to one of the Discovery/History/National Geographic-type channels as a background drip-feed of infotainment. It’s exceedingly rare for us to actually sit down and just watch a TV programme for its own sake.


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  1. my gawd, I’m so envious. You haven’t seen season three — what I would give to be able to see it all fresh again. It’s an amazing body of work.

    Farscape is, in my estimation, one of the five best shows ever to be on television.


  2. I’m sure you’ll have fun watching them. I didn’t like the first season, but I thought it took off in the second season. They lost me a little bit in the last season – they got too much into black leather (which is always admirable 🙂 but they lost the plot-line a little bit, I thought.

    It kept reminding me more and more of Blake’s Seven. I had to go back and watch a few episodes to make sure. I’m pretty sure they reincarnated Servalan!

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