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As if I don’t have anything else to do with my time right now (like sleep), I’ve been tinkering with the sunpig web site again. Here’s a list of the main changes:

  • Moved the permalink/timestamp/comment count/category indicator from the end of each entry to the beginning (just after the entry title). The idea behind this is that you can scan this summary information at the same time as you read the entry title. I like having the information up there, but it does deviate from the blogging “standard.” Depending on feedback, I may add a permalink/comment count to the end of the entry as well.
  • Likewise, in the comments section for each entry, the commenter’s name and date/time of their comment now comes before the comment itself, not after. (Tip from Electrolite.)
  • Entry comments now have their own permalinks.
  • I’ve removed the “remember me/forget me” checkboxes/radio buttons/command buttons from the comments form. If you fill in your details, the site will remember them for you–period. If you’re sufficiently paranoid about accepting cookies not to want this, I figure you’re plenty capable of removing them from your own browser cache.
  • Applied Adam Kalsey’s fix for the standard Movable Type javascript, which allows your details to persist across the whole site, rather than just on one single entry.
  • Fixed the comment preview and comment error templates so that they show the sidebar properly.
  • I’ve added a new Linkdump blog. So many links, so little time. The most recent links from the Linkdump also show up in my sidebar, and it even has its own RSS feed. (You may notice similarities between the Linkdump and Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s “Sidelights” and “Particles” sideblogs. That’s because I think they’re particularly good examples of the species, and worthy of emulation.)
  • I’ve spruced up Abi’s blog, Evilrooster Crows with a new stylesheet. I’ve also fixed Abi’s RSS feed, and enabled trackbacks on her entries.
  • I’ve completely overhauled the Quick Reviews blog. Each review now has an individual archive page, and can accept comments and trackbacks. The sidebar on the main page shows a list of all reviews on the site, sorted by type (books, films, et al.) and star rating. The reviews are now also available as a separate RSS feed. And although I haven’t written any yet, the blog can now also handle music and videogame reviews.
  • The Quick Reviews sections in our sidebars now show permalinks to the archive pages for the reviews, and also show the number of comments received (if any).
  • Plus various font and colour changes.

Phew. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

3 Replies to “Site updates”

  1. Where do you get time for all this?

    The Fresno Adult School has asked me to consider teaching a one-night course on blogging. What is it? How do you start? and so on. I’m giving it serious thought, because I love to speak before groups. (I once thought of becoming Anthony Robbins, but then I realized someone else already had that slot.)

    Sure wish I had half the knowledge about blog-building that you do.

  2. I spent most of last week staying up until 3 or 4 am, and then getting up at 8am. It’s amazing how much you can get done if you’re willing to sacrifice a good nighzzzzzzz………..

  3. wow, I love these new bits and pieces, especially the category archives. someday when you’re caught up on sleep again (I suppose that will take a year or two) maybe you’ll tell us how you did it.

    Fionaberry is gorgeous. My daughter is almost 15, and there’s nothing like making you nostalgic about infants than a 15 year old.

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