I don’t know how long it will last, but Fiona is currently going by the nickname “Fionaberry”. She is small, round, and goes very red when she cries. So she’s a berry. (For evidence of her roundness, check out Abi’s description of Fiona’s crash weight gain programme. No steroids or protein drinks involved. Just home-grown milky goodness.)

She also looks very good in pink.

Fionaberry in pink: 1
Fionaberry in pink: 2

(Also, after two weeks we still can’t figure out if her eyes are dark blue, or brown. In sunlight there’s no doubt they’re blue, but under artificial light they are definitely brown. Very odd.)

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  1. Ah yes, but you’re the one with the +2 Breasts of Milking, so you see much more of her sweetness than I do. I get the angry red Fionaberry whenever you’re out of the room.

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