Moving hosts

We’ve just taken the first step in moving web hosts. We’ve been with EZPublishing for about three and a half years now, but we’ve just signed up for an account with EZPublishing have been great for the time we’ve been with them, but their hosting packages are no longer suitable for us. In particular, we need more disk space to hold all of the stuff we are dumping on, and disk space is expensive at EZPublishing. Pair, on the other hand, will provide us with 500MB of space and 15GB of bandwidth per month for $17.95.

Right now, all I’ve done is sign up for an account. Once that is set up, I’ll be moving files across, and I should be ready to change the our DNS entries by the weekend. Expect some strangeness and page errors until everything has smoothed itself out again…

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  1. Good choice! I’ve been on since ’97 and never regretted. Excellent service & superb uptimes. Plus they’re decently priced, as you also suggest 🙂

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