Why I like Pizza Hut

Quite apart from the fact that their pizza is honkingly delicious (if you have any stories about them using ground-up rats’ testicles to flavour their crusts…keep them to yourself, because I don’t want to know), I like Pizza Hut because when things go wrong, they do their best to put it right.

Take yesterday evening, for example. After our trip to the bookshop, we nipped across the road to eat at the Kinnaird Park Pizza Hut. It was busy, but not excessively so. However, something was obviously going wrong in the kitchen, and when our pizza still hadn’t shown up half an hour after ordering, our waitress came over and explained that it had “gone missing”. (This was unfortunately totally in keeping with our recent run of bad luck, which has caused almost everything we’ve ordered in the last two months to arrive either late or wrong.)

This news came at about quarter past eight. Alex was being very patient, but he was clearly very hungry, as were Abi and I both. We had every right to be annoyed that it would take at least another twenty minutes for our food to arrive, and our waitress understood this. Instead of just shrugging and offering us the choice to wait or leave (the typical Scottish options), she offered us free starters (explaining that they would at least arrive quickly), and a discount on the pizzas when they did eventually arrive.

That was nice. In every line of business, things go wrong sometimes. It’s what the business does when the worst happens that shows what it’s made of. Pizza Hut clearly knows how to handle these situations. They want your custom. They know that you’re going to eat pizza again, and they want it to be in their restaurants. If they have to swallow the cost of a couple of starters and the discounts on a couple of pizzas, then that’s just what they’ll do. They understand that you have been inconvenienced. This may have come about because of circumstances beyond their control, but they take responsibility for what happens to you in their restaurants.

We like this. We like Pizza Hut. When they’re good, they’re good; and even when they’re bad, they’re good. Yay for customer service.

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  1. Another Pro Pizza hut tail, from Glasgow (The Scottish Option!!??).
    I’m a big chap, and I love the Pizza hut food. I ordered a medium for myself and missus gets a salad. She loads up her plate and I await my pizza. Not long after the waitress come up with a small disc, apologising that they had made an individual pizza instead. “No problem” I replied, “just get me another small, same flavour, and I’ll get started on this”. They bought me another pizza; Medium size and full of pepperoni MMmm, then at the end, only charged me for the small pizza and salad. Ignoring the two Ice cream factories that we scoffed. Magic. Who needs posh restaurants eh?
    PS. I did take half the second pizza home in a box!!

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