5 Replies to “iTunes for Windows”

  1. It’s a lot better than Windows Media Player, and isn’t anywhere near as much of a CPU hog. If only it played WMA files!

  2. iTunes for windows is somthing i have been waiting for.. and its great. i do have to say that i could stand for one change that would send it over the top as the greatest.. and that is some sort of docking or ability to hide the taskbar button.

  3. My favorite comment on iTunes for Windows:

    “There’s something broken – I installed iTunes and I’m still running Windows…”

    The lead engineer on the iTunes for Windows project is a former collegue and he came by for lunch today. He’s a nice guy and a great engineer, so I am not at all suprised that it came out well…

  4. If Mick who wrote the comment on the lead engineer on the iTunes for Windows project on 23 Oct 2003 at 22:14 is still watching these comments can you please share the name of the lead engineer so i can contact him

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