Two things

Toblerone, and Gran Turismo 3. What do they have in common? Well, yesterday I had “doh!” moments with both.

For Toblerone, it was noticing that the mountain emblem on the packaging contains not just a mountain, but also a silhouette of a mountain goat, or some other similar animal. To be fair, I only noticed it on a super-large special offer bin, where the normal logo was blown up to twenty times its normal size. Nevertheless, I was momentarily taken aback by this packaging revelation. (Draw whatever conclusions you like about my need to “get out more”.)

Secondly, while playing Gran Turismo for, oh I don’t know, maybe the five-hundredth time in the last two years, I discovered the button that pulls on the handbrake. All this time, I’ve been using just the accelerator and the foot brake, and wondering why I have such a hard time making it through the Complex Spiral course in under the target time. No wonder power-sliding was such a pain in the ass. Jeez.