Martin in BostonYay! We’re in Boston!

Without my luggage!

I had almost been expecting it to go missing, so it wasn’t too great a surprise (or stressful situation) when we got to the baggage caroussel, and the NorthWest customer rep announced that about a hundred passengers’ bags had been left in Amsterdam. So that’s three times in four years.

Boston Common, with snowIt’s very cold here. There was lots of snow, and a severly hard frost earlier in the week, and most of it is still around. It’s piled up on the sides of the streets and lumped around trees. The ponds of Boston Common are still frozen over, and the whole city looks very pretty.

Scott in BostonWe’re having a good time so far. Yesterday evening after we’d checked in at the hotel, we went out for a wander around town to get the lay of the land, and have a beer. This morning we walked all over the landscape looking for someplace that would serve us pancakes for breakfast. At about 11 o’clock we gave up and had omelettes and muffins instead. (No diners! Everything is trying to be continental European-style!)

Boston snowToad this evening. We’re planning to walk out to the concert venue now and scope it out, to see is there’s anyplace nearby we can have something to eat before the gig. We’ll probably head back to our hotel in the afternoon, then take the subway there in the evening. Yay!