Food…must eat more food…then sleep…for months

The Atkins diet has been getting lots of publicity recently. That’s the one where you cut out most of the bare carbohydrates, and stick to eating foods that are high in protein. It’s not quite as simple as sausage, steak, and bacon, but it does allow you to eat lots of stuff you’d think you’d have to turn down if you wanted to lose weight. I think I’d have trouble living without bread.

Whenever Abi and I try to slim down, we go for a simple calorie-controlled diet: 1500 calories a day. We eat whatever we like, only less of it. It means I get a packet of hula hoops and a finger of fudge each day :-).

I’m back up to 74kg again, and I’d like to lose some of that before Christmas rolls around. I’m finding it hard to get the motivation together, though. As we descend into the depths of winter, my body keeps saying “bulk up…eat more fat…hibernate.” And there’s all of the festive season thing going on with visitors (hi Andy!), birthdays, gaming days, work dinners, etc. Sigh.

It’ll get better after the solstice. Or at least, after New Year.