Hands make great suck toys

B has discovered that his hands make great suck toys.

Now that he is starting to reach for things, he is gaining more control of his arms and hands, and he can now reliably get his hands to his mouth. This pleases him. He tries to get his whole little fist into his mouth. He can’t, though, and because a bunched up tiny fist doesn’t seal up his mouth the way a good noo-noo does, he leaks drool all over his hand, sleeve, front pouch, and anything else within reach.

It does mean that when he is feeling unhappy and wants to gum on something, he has his hand to hand, rather than crying for us to soothe him with a noo-noo. This morning, after feeding him, he didn’t quite fall straight back to sleep again. But he was content to just lie in his cot and suck and slobber on his tiny little fingers, and stare at the soft toys until he dozed off.