NetFlix. Now when will we get something like this in Britain?

We’re up in Murthly this weekend. And by the miracles of modern technology, I can update this blog from my mum’s PC, with no need for messy FTP uploading, or having to create or edit HTML pages directly. I like this. If I have the time or inclination, I might try to make the interface for editing this text a bit friendlier, so that we don’t have to type in the html formatting codes as well–sort of like Manila and Blogger. That would be nice.

There was supposed to be a residents’ Bar-B-Q here at Druids Park this afternoon, with a game of rounders going on as well, but it’s raining, and the events have been put off till tomorrow. Unfortunately, we’ve got plans back in Edinburgh for tomorrow, so it looks like we’ll miss it.

It’s fun to have B visiting up here, though, even if he did snort & grunt & keep Abi awake all night long last night…

Yesterday evening we left B with my mum & dad while we went in to Perth to see Shrek–what a fantastic film! Definitely one for us to get on DVD as soon as it comes out.