20221031 Pictober close

Lots of pictures around the house, and with my phone. (Still on the iPhone X from 2017. My phone usage is pretty lightweight, and the X is still fine for all my everyday usage. The only thing that would make a big difference to me is the better cameras of the newer models. But that’s why I have the Fuji camera. So I’m going to go another year with the X.) Not many with my Fuji.

The difference between this year and Pictober in 2018 is that I wasn’t working that month, and was taking the time to get out and about. This year I’ve been at work full time, and we’ve had kitchen work going on… It’s been a stressful month. Perhaps that’s exactly why I should have been trying to get out more. But I’m tired, and I don’t want to load myself up with obligations to myself that I’ll feel bad about not meeting. Honestly, putting up a picture a day this month has felt like a bit of a chore. But I’m sure I’ll look back on it and appreciate the daily notes.