20221024 Back to basics

Wait, wasn’t this last week?

The concrete from last week didn’t set properly. Instead of laying the floor tiles, the builders had to rip out the old concrete, which was brittle like honeycomb. We’ll be getting a new pour of concrete tomorrow, and a finishing surface layer on Wednesday, which blows up the scheduled kitchen fitting on Thursday and Friday. The next available slot the kitchen fitters have is 1 and 2 December, another month away.

Once the new concrete dries, the tilers will be able to come back and do their work, maybe at the end of next week. But for the whole of November we’ll have to live with just a blank space where the kitchen should be. We’ll set up a table with a portable electric stove, trundle in the old dishwasher, and hook up a couple of taps to the water pipes to make it more livable. But disappointing nonetheless.