While skipping through my “favourites” playlist from 2015 ago, I came across the track “OM” by Austrian band Bilderbuch:

I loved this back then, and I still love it now. The lyrics have a callback to Falco’s song “Jeannie” from the 1980s, and combined with my trip to Austria in January, this has sparked off a wave of nostalgia and fondness for Austrian rap-infused pop-rock.

There’s always the risk that a newly discovered band doesn’t live up to the hooks that attracted you to them in the first place. I’m finding that after bingeing on Tom Misch for the last couple of weeks, I’ve now got Bilderbuch’s discography on constant repeat now. And I’m loving it.

(Their shout-out to Spezi in the song “Softdrink”? :chefkiss:)